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Premier Line Eye Wrinkle Mask Cream

15g / HK$ 700

A combination eye mask and cream that uses cutting-edge invisible eye mask capsules to fight fine lines around the eyes and tighten the eye area.

Premier Line: Bring new life to your skin
Breakthrough results from research into 30,000 genes

The Premier Line uses cutting-edge technology to awaken the genes and jumpstart collagen regeneration to lift your contours and restore the smooth, supple skin of your youth. View the full Premier Line


Premier Line Eye Wrinkle Mask Cream:

  • Creates an invisible mask over the eyelid, penetrating deep into the skin to activate cells, restore elasticity of collagen in the eye area, and nourish the skin around the eye
  • Smoothes undereye bags, reduces dark circles, and combats fine lines - in an instant restoring the bright eyes of your youth

Key Ingredients

Amino A5 Gene: Jumpstarts collagen production, quickly reduces wrinkles and firms the curvature of the visage

Carnosine: Strengthens and protects the muscles around the eyes and remoulds the lines around the eyes to reduce visible signs of ageing and promote circulation in the eye area

EPC-K: Comprehensive care for delicate eye skin, and lightens hyperpigmentation around the eyes


A breakthrough development of Amino A5 Gene from research into 30,000 genes

Use at morning and night as the final step of your skincare regime. 

Gently apply a small amount (approx. the size of a grain of rice) around the eye area using the fingertips.

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